Word Groups

GRE Barrons Word Groups

This is one of the most effective techniques of memorizing GRE word list. Word Groups are set of  GRE words having similar meaning (not necessarily exact) . Words can be grouped on the basis of various criteria. They can share a  particular property. One word can lie in more than one word groups depending on the property decided for the word group.  These word groups have proved to be very efficient way to memorizing the word list.

We are putting the word groups on the basis of similar meanings, opposite words, derived words etc. We will be adding more and more groups with time. Work out these words yourself and use this page to revise them fast. Look for the similar GRE words for each word on this page.

For Example:

Lack of Energy  word group consists of the word related to lazy, lack of energy, calm, peaceful etc. We are also attaching these words in a form of picture.

Lack of Energy - Word Group

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